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About Us

Our goal is to provide the most popular, convenient, informative and extensive Directory of specialised individual retail businesses featuring building or home improvement products, finishes and services in Australia. Such venues include retail display centres, display villages, galleries, selection centres, shops, showrooms, stores, trade centres and yards.

In doing so, we hope to make it easy for you to "find where it's best to go" to see, select and buy products, finishes and solutions for your home renovation, home extension, new home or commercial project, plus residential and commercial replacement and repair needs.

How to start looking

Gather information showrooms you wish to visit in the My List feature. You can also email details of any showrooms to yourself or your friends. In many cases you can Send To Your Mobile by SMS, listed showroom details.

Start your search either using the powerful Search bar at the top of the name of businesses you know, brands you wish to buy or subjects of interest, or look up the List of Categories OR look up by State: ACT | QLD | NSW | NT | SA | TAS | VIC | WA. Currently the lists of retail venue representation are in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Regional Australia representation will be added based on demand.

$100 Spotters Reward

If you find an excellent showroom that is not already listed, read the $100 Spotters Reward section, and make your submission.

List With Us

We have an 125% annual growth rate in web traffic and popularity. To 30 June showrooms.com.au has received 351,547 Unique Visitors. For owners of retail showrooms, this high ranking website is a fantastic and economic way to promote your showroom and services to a discerning 'decision-making' market who are potentially 'looking for you' 24/7. Each listing is 'one Location in one Category'. Multiple Listings, (additional Locations or Categories) are available and we offer a sliding discount scale.

Attract more visitors to your website with a hyperlink: It's easy to list with us. CREATE a LOGIN then LIST at either Enhanced or Dynamic levels of listing. See all available Listing Options.

Receive email enquiries + requests for appointements: Available when you choose either the Enhanced or Dynamic levels of listing. See all available listing options Listing Options Section.

Sales + New Product Offers: Once you officially listed with us, you can promote any 'Sale' or 'New Product' offers throughout the year, at no additional charge, in the Sales + New Product Offers Section.

Want to be part of our success ? First decide which Level of Listing you want from the Listing Options Section, and then simply Apply for a LOGIN and compile your LISTING online.

Already Listed and want to make changes to your Showroom's Profile? It is easy, simply LOGIN, using the Users Login Panel, or CLICK HERE.

Already Listed and want to make upgrade your showroom's Level of Listing? Simply LOGIN, using the the Users Login Panel, or CLICK HERE and upgrade.

If you have any questions of needs any assistance, please call us Monday to Friday on 1800 4 SHOWROOMS (1800 47 46 97), or simply complete and submit the Online Enquiry Form. This dedicated Showrooms Directory website business was established in 2006.

Thank you for visiting us.
'Online Showrooms Australia' BN: VIC B1989404L
1800 4 SHOWROOMS OR +61 2 8303 0500

User Features

The look for 'search' function quickly locates showrooms to satisfy your needs. (E.g. Which showrooms display and stock the 'brands' you want to buy?) Or search by product types, services or by the showroom name. The 'postcode' search feature helps find showrooms close to you.

Use the 'My List' feature to 'tag' and keep a list of showrooms of interest to you, as you methodically use and search in our web site to find your needs. You can add or remove showrooms to My List. When you are ready to visit them, you can print them out and take the list with you.

If you wish to keep your My List for a longer than 30 days, as could well be the case if are building or renovating, and if you wish to access your list from any computer, you simply need to create a Users Login.
To create your My List Login, CLICK HERE.

Each showroom has this button at the bottom of its profile, simply click it to add to your My List.

Each showroom has this button at the bottom of its profile, simply click it to Bookmark that showroom’s profile.

See a showroom, Sale or Special Offer that is relevant to your needs or those of a family member or friend? Use this 'Email a Friend' feature to easily communicate the details of the Showroom.

This feature is available for showrooms who have chosen Enhanced (red) and Dynamic (gold) listings (See Sample). It enable you to send to your mobile, or cell phone, as an SMS the details of the showrooms you wish to visit, including the Map references. It is ideal for people on the move as you can carry the location and telephone details of these showrooms readily at hand with you. If you use mobile internet access, you will also be able to look up Google Maps on your mobile device.

Each showroom has this button at the bottom of its profile, simply click it to conveniently print all the information contained in the showroom's profile of interest.

Each showroom has this button at the bottom of its profile, simply click it to immediately see the location pinpointed in Google Map and view and print as needed.

Each showroom has this button at the bottom of its profile, simply click it to see or save the PDF of the showroom's listing information contained in the profile.

This feature is available for showrooms who have chosen Enhanced (red) and Dynamic (gold) listings (See Sample). Simply click it to type in your questions and instantly send it to the showroom of interest.

This feature is available for showrooms who have chosen Enhanced (red) and Dynamic (gold) listings (See Sample). Simply click it to indicate your preferred day and time of visit, typing in your project details, what you are looking for, the assistance required and any questions, then send it to the showroom of interest. A great service for busy people who are short on time, as well as those who have a serious need and require the assistance of an expert from the showroom. Also ideal, if you are vising a city or township.

The showroom should reply to you either by e-mail or telephone, confirming your request and indicating who to ask for when you arrive. If that time is not convenient, again they will contact you to discuss a mutually convenient day and time.

Only Enhanced (red), Dynamic (gold) and BasicPLUS (green) listed showrooms can offer you a Coupon which contains a reward, discount or benefit when you visit or purchase. Be sure to print your Coupons out before visiting. This button appears at the bottom of eligible profiles.

Showroom proprietors, be sure to include a Coupon offering with your listing to maximise attracting and rewarding visitors to your showroom.

Only Enhanced (red), Dynamic (gold) and BasicPLUS (green) listed showrooms can promote a Sale or Special Offer. All Sales or Special Offers appear in the Sales Section. Additionally, current Sales are featured in a special section on the right-hand side of the Home Page and on many pages throughout this site. Clicking the Sale button on the individual showroom's profile, will reveal if any sale or special offers are currently available from that showroom.

Showroom proprietors, once you become listed with us you can promote as many Sales or Special Offers that you conduct throughout the year.

Apart from an image depicting the Sale or Special Offer, showroom proprietors can also include a description of what is being offered. There is no limit to using this promotional feature and the listings are automatically removed at the date you nominate when the Sales or Special Offers concludes.

Homeowners, renovators, builders, developers and business owners are always keenly looking for Sales or Special Offers. So it is a feature well worth using regularly.

Only Enhanced (red) and Dynamic (gold) listed showrooms are eligible to have a convenient hyperlink to their website.

Only Enhanced (red), Dynamic (gold) and BasicPLUS (green) listed showrooms have images of the exterior and interior of their showroom. The Image Gallery button enables you to see larger versions of the images, as well as descriptive information. Some showrooms include images of their products.

Showroom proprietors, the ability to post images on our website is a vital way for you to show just how wonderful your showroom is, so that the discerning potential visitors can see that it is worthwhile visiting your place of business. As they say, a picture is 1,000 words, so this is a very important aspect of your marketing presence on our website. Only quality high-resolution photos are acceptable.

Only Enhanced (red) and Dynamic (gold) listed showrooms have the ability lected to include documents on the profile of their showroom. When clicking the Document Gallery button, you will see brochures, price lists or other worthwhile documents the business proprietor wishes to share with you. When the Document Gallery is opened up, there is a description of each document so that you can easily decide which documents may be of interest or relevancy.

Showroom proprietors, this document and information aspect of your profile, provides more information to show your potential visitors of your depth of knowledge and just a taste of available resources available at your showroom or through your sales personnel.

Only Enhanced (red) and Dynamic (gold) listed showrooms are eligible to promote any New Products. To view them, simply click the New Products button on their profile.

All New Products appear in the New Products Section. Additionally, current New Products are featured in a special section on the right-hand side of the Home Page and many pages throughout the site. By clicking the New Products button on individual showroom profiles, it will reveal new products currently available from that showroom.

Showroom proprietors, once you become listed with us you can promote throughout the year as many New Products as you wish.

Apart from an image presenting the New Product with a quality photograph, you can also include a description. There is no limit to this promotional feature and the listings are automatically removed at the date you nominate.

Homeowners, renovators, architects, designers, builders, developers and business owners are always interested in considering a New Product, so it is a feature well worth using regularly.


Browse showrooms Australia-wide
These landing pages for each State, capital city and with time regional locations, contain all the major Categories included in this website. In this way we have made it very easy for you to find and look up where there are showrooms, and what they have to offer, to satisfy your needs and thus help you to pinpoint which ones you wish to visit. By using this website, you can carry out a lot of research before leaving your home or office to decide which showrooms will best potentially satisfying your needs or interest.

If you find any showrooms that you think we should include on our website, please use the Contact Us form and provide us with the details. This is a community resource, so by helping each other this website and information it contains will continue to grow and its usefulness constantly improve.

If you find any information that is out of date, or if you are a showroom proprietor, please let us know, again preferably using the Contact Us form.

Search for showrooms in Australia
If the main search feature at the top of this website does not give you the results you seek, then please use the Search Section which contains various options for detailed searching including:

  • 1. Search by Showroom Name and Postcode
  • 2. Search by current Sales or New Product offers
  • 3. Search by potential Showroom Details associated with their listed profile including, name, address, telephone number, website.

You can also use this Search Section to find the results of all showrooms within certain criteria of interest to you. Have a look at the section to better understand its capability to help you.

Looking what Sales or Special Offers are currently available? Go to our New Products section

As a showroom proprietor, you may wish to list a New Products and we encourage you to do so. However first you need to become a paid-up advertiser to our website by listing your showroom or showrooms at either of the following three levels:

  • 1. Enhanced (red)
  • 2. Dynamic (gold) or
  • 3. BasicPLUS (green)

Simply self-list starting at the List With Us section, or telephone us on 1800 4 SHOWROOMS (1800 47 47 97) if you need assistance, pay the nominal listing fee, create a profile on your showroom and then you will be able to list and promote any New Products throughout the year, plus enjoy all the other benefits, including attracting more visitors to your showroom and website.

Sign up to receive helpful information via an emailed Newsletter on new showrooms listed, new showrooms opened, New Products and Sales or Special Offers. An easy way to keep up-to-date for on going projects such as renovations, building or home improvements. Subscribe now!.

This extensive library of free information and many articles, is designed to assist you with insights and a better understanding of products, finishes, processes, including selection considerations, to assist you with your renovation, home improvements, repairs and building projects, or when building a new home or extension. Showrooms operators and manufacturers are welcome to submit material or an article to this section, it is free.

This section is dedicated to Exchanged Links. It contains a Directory, organised 'by subject' of other useful external websites. If you wish to 'Exchange Links' with us, please provide details in the online Form in this section for our consideration, see below.

If you wish to Exchange Links, and appear in our Resources Section, see above, firstly you need to put a Link on your website to our website using the acceptable material including URLs found in Exchange Links section, then advise us when this has been carried out. We will then check and assess your request before advising you whether your request is accepted or declined. If accepted, we will add you to this section.

Want to have your showroom appearing in showrooms.com.au ? Read and see the various ways to be listed and their features. You can see samples of all the options, and quickly List With Us on line. You can also promote your showroom, business or businesses whishing to advertise into this market, by securing Banner Ad from the four options, see below.

It is easy to create a Users Login, to list your showroom on this website.
Create a Login to permanently keep your My List records and to view them on any computer, by simply logging in to view your My List
Login to view your My List.

Login, to self list your showroom.
If you have officially 'Listed With Us' you can LOGIN here to upgrade, update or add to the information appearing on your Showroom. It is here that you can also list any Sale or Special Offers as well as promote and illustrate any New Products. Don't delay, join us today.

There are some really powerful and dominating Banner Ad positions being introduced on our popular website. They include:

  • 1. Home Page.
    Only two (2) rotating positions available, on the right-hand side.
  • 2. Information Sections:
    Only two (2) rotating positions available, on the right-hand side. The sections include:
    • 2.1 Sales
    • 2.2 New Products
    • 2.3 Resources
    • 2.4 About Us
    • 2.5 Contact Us
  • 3. Location and Category Landing Pages
    These pages are where users of our website choose a Location and Category to carry out their search for specific showrooms of interest. An example could be Melbourne Roofing.

Banner Ad positions are usually booked for periods of three (3) months, but shorter or longer times can be negotiated.
Please determine which opportunities interest you, then contact us so that we can advise you of the Banner Ad rates and discuss timeframes. Either use the Contact Us form, or telephone 1800 4 SHOWROOMS (1800 47 47 97)

This section contains our telephone number, address, and an on-line email Enquiry Form. We also welcome feedback, suggestions, questions or request for exchanges of links. Seen an excellent showroom? Please let us know the details. Want to have your Showroom listed or to book a Banner Ad ? Let us know and we will call you.

Please mention “we found you on www.showrooms.com.au”